Testimonials & Video Testimonials

Pain Free!

A few years ago I had a fall that resulted in severe low back and hip pain. I had always enjoyed walking for exercise; however, due to this accident I was no longer able to walk a short distance without pain, much less walk for exercise. I noticed that my gait had shortened, and my balance was off because I was constantly favoring my good side. Continue Reading

I Am So Amazed

I am being treated for a bulging disc in my lower back that is pinching my sciatic nerve. For almost a year I had to deal with a pain in my butt that seemed to get worse with any activity I tried to do. Continue Reading

They’re Extended Family

Dr. Nelsen has been treating me for a low back condition that I had lived with for several years. At one point it was so bad that even when I was just walking somewhere I had to plan frequent ‘rest stops’ to keep my back from killing me. Continue Reading

I Noticed A Dramatic Difference

I started coming to Nelsen Chiropractic in October, 2009. I had heard about Spinal Decompression Therapy and was anxious to see if it could help with the pain I had been experiencing in my right leg and thigh. After the first few treatments I noticed a dramatic difference. Continue Reading

Better quality of life!

I have been a patient of Dr. Nelsen’s for years. I lived for a year with low back and neck pain so horrible that anything I did caused extra discomfort. Continue Reading

Certified To Treat Animals

My dogs referred me to Dr. Nelsen!! When Jessie, my 7 year old Lab mix, developed a degenerative condition that could only be treated with pain medicine, she was given a very poor prognosis. I asked my Vet if there was anything else I could do for her. He suggested Dr. Nelsen, who was the only chiropractor in town who is also certified to treat animals. The results were immediate and dramatic for Jessie. As the years went on, she had more and more difficulty walking, but an adjustment by Dr. Nelsen would help her bounce back. Trips to Dr. Nelsen became a part of our monthly routine and she lived to be 14, which was incredible for a large dog with so many health issues. Continue Reading