Feeling Well and Truly Being Healthy are the basis for Dr. Nelsen’s approach to Nutritional Healthcare. This approach to wellness is re-enforced by our mission to set a standard of Objectivity to nutritional counseling.


You may have gone to the doctor multiple times, only for them to tell you nothing is wrong. Although tests say this, you still don’t feel right.

If you are constantly trying to find that miracle food, vitamin, mineral, or herb but you are still not sure you are improving your health, you need us. Our approach to nutritional healthcare is based on truly being healthy and feeling well. This approach to wellness is reinforced by our mission to set the standard of objectivity to nutritional counseling.

Dr. Nelsen uses a science-based nutrition system to focus on an advanced laboratory analysis that helps determine the nutritional and dietary protocols that will work best for each individual patient. Dr. Nelsen is the only chiropractor in Goldsboro and Wayne County that has a degree in clinical nutrition. With his degree, he has been able to find that many nutritional problems occur well before common symptom develop.

When you hear nutrition, you may think food. While food does affect your system, we believe that looking at your blood values is much more insightful for your overall health. Using blood tests, Dr. Nelsen is able to properly track the rate that a patient is progressing towards more serious illnesses such as cancer, liver, and heart disease, as well as show us what vitamins you need to live the best life possible.

Blood work often can help keep a patient aware of their health, allowing Dr. Nelsen to see problem areas and carefully differentiate between major and the minor conditions. Stop guessing what you need, and let us tell you.

Besides taking a blood sample, we also offer specialized testing that includes urinalysis, tissue food allergy, mineral analysis, and male/female hormone panels for specific cases.